Dei' stood on the bridge of her vessel, the K.I.S. Jailbait (Assault Frigate; 8,100 metric noogies; 320 moochers from stem to stern, crew 52), which she had briefly rechristened the "Fatboy" (and it was fat), before Kazz threw a fit and changed the name back.


Her Lieutenant, named Leftenant, decided at that time to weedle her.


"Sir, our ships are in position. And if I may say so, you look hot!"


"Shut up, or I will toss you out an airlock."


"Ok. Say, when this is over..."


"NO!" Dei' said emphatically.


A cute sensor tech decided at that time to inform the Captain of the Zung vessels entering range. She also attracted the lusty Leftenants gaze.


Dei' sighed in relief, before worrying about the unfortunate sensor tech, who was even now shreiking as she attempted (note the attempted) to beat off the lecherous scuzz- I mean officer.


'Got better things to worry about right now'


"Music!" Dei' ordered, and appropriattely dramatic battle music began (Imagine it, okay?)


"Load the Kazzapults, Bolt throwers at the ready! Missile launcher status?"


"Armed!" Yelled the weapons officer.


From the sensors pit rose a moan.


"Gods... Why do I have to be stuck with such a..."


And then Dei' was tackled by a horny, not very clothed Liuetenant Leftenant.


"Shit!" She yelled. Then "What the hell are you all staring a- Hey, watch the hands!"




"Get back to your posts! Stop looking and fire I say! FIRE!!!"




Then the Jailbait began launching copious amounts of fire, but, to anyone looking, in a very distracted way.




"...and because of the following... "incident" on the bridge I humbly request that Lieutenant Leftenant be courtmarshaled.


I apologize for my bluntness.

- Dei'nar'Ys, Captain, Kazzian Imperial Navy"


Kazz paused, and considered for a moment, before ordering, sure in his path.


"Lieutentant Leftenant is to be promoted, immediately. I like his go get 'im spirit, knows what he wants and how to get it. As for Captain 'nar'Ys... demote her. She's good, but I hate whiners, from now on she'll serve under Leftenant until she learns her place."


Beverly nodded, typing out a full memo in the aftermath of the remarkably successful Zung / Kazzian L3 engagement.


Kazz waited. "Well?" He asked impatiently.


Beverly looked confused. "Well what?" She asked.


"Under Captain Leftenant. Under."


"Oh!" Then there was laughter. Followed by loud moaning noises.