* Turn 5 *


The muffled noises of Hot Beaver Lovin' echoed through Kazz's office/throne room. This, of course, meant that the first two times the phone on his desk rang, he didn't hear it, and thus, couldn't answer it. The next time the phone rang, it rang because his trusted Lieutenant Ripthy came into the room and used it to smack Kazz in the back of the head.


Kazz got up off of Beverly, who groaned in disappointment.


"What is it, Ripthy?" he demanded.


"First off, why don't you stop having sex all the time and actually govern the damn galaxy?" pleaded Ripthy.


"I'll take that into consideration," lied Kazz.


"Listen, Kazz, we have a situation. We've detected four Zungian spacescrapers heading toward our territory."


"Toward us? Why would Zung be attacking us? Even for lawyers, they're not stupid enough to attack Kazzia."


"We realize that. We're thinking that they may be en route to Hrung. It appears so, from the direction of their ships."


"Hmmm.. what could they possibly want with Hrung that they need four spacescrapers?"


"We're working on that."


Beverly got up from the floor and grabbed her glasses from the desk, then turned to Ripthy and Kazz.


"You know," Beverly said knowingly, "I did get a report about some sort of assassination on Saskatchewan. Judging by the direction of the projectile, it may have come from either Hrung or Sol. However, we doubt that Sol was involved..."


Kazz sat down on his chair and took a lonesome cigar from his less lonesome cigar case, lit it, and took a puff.


"It's obvious that whatever Zung wants, it isn't good. Hrung is an innocent planet full of people who don't know enough to defend themselves. I think we have to take action."


Ripthy scratched his head nervously. "Well, sir, what do you, uh, suggest?"


"We're going to ambush the Zung spacescrapers from Kazzia. Make sure we outgun them at least two to one. I get the feeling they won't be expecting interference from us, but we've got to keep those bastards in line."


Ripthy nodded. "Yes, sir."


Ripthy turned around and left the room. Kazz turned to Beverly expectantly, but she just shook her head slowly and smiled. "Oh, Kazz, we DO have a galaxy to run." Walking away, she shook her bottom teasingly. Kazz moaned in a mixture of disappointment and pleasure, then uplinked with the military to see that things were going as planned...


* End Turn 5 *


- Kazz