Yep, major plot development in this one, a must read indeed (that rhymed people, so you shall regard me as an unusually cool and clever person from now on)


*Turn 2*


It was a beautiful day on Hrung, the sun was shining as brightly... Much too brightly, in fact, seeing as how the people on Elfgoatia had decided that all idiots should be vanquished, and thus had performed special rituals (bathing in oil while eating lettuce) that had exposed Hrung to a planetwide drought. The crops were fading, and aready hundreds of grass and forest fires were ravaging across the surface of all its continents. If no one decided to be extremly heroic and doi something about it, the entire planet's population would be destroyed.


The Hrungians, being complete and utter idiots, did of course not know this, nor would thay have cared about it, had they known, so most of them were spending the day standing out in the street (or the field, were they farmers with withered crops) with a magnifying glass aimed towards the sky in such a direction that their eye would be exposed to the most possible amount of sunlight, and eventually catch fire. There was no real point for them to do this, but they all figured it would be a neat thing to do.


One Hrungian who was not standing in this fashin was Billy Dee-Dee. Instead, he happily went down the street of the suburban row house area in which he lived. He was eating an ice cream (the last ice cream to be found on Hrung, in fact) while bouncing a table tennis ball that was attached to a ping-pong racket with a piece of string. Unfortunately, his ball-string-racket-thing had been manufactured by idiots (very much in the same way as everything else on Hrung had been) and thus it did not hold sufficient quality. So when lttle Billy suspected it the least, the string snapped and the table tennis ball flew towards the sky, leaving the atmosphere of Hrung and somehow managing to travel the distance between Hrung and the nearby Pirate Headquarters planet of Sasketchewan in just a few miliseconds. All Billy could think of saying was "Ooops..." and then he dropped the last ice cream on Hrung down on the sidewalk, where a dog came and licked it up.


Down there, on Sasketchewan, in the Space Pirate's Ultra-Secret Underground HeadQuarters, the Pirate Federation of Saketchewan were preparing their Great Assault on Kazzia, which due to the pirates' cunning strategy and heavily armed forces surely would result in a lot of looting and pillaging and deride and plunder taking place over there before the pirates left. Mastermind of this massive assault was the aged (but by no means "very old") Pirate Federation Leader, Geramback MacFodder, who, wearing an eyepatch over his left eye, a grey beard on his chin, and a stuffed parrot on his right shoulder was sitting with his closest henchmen to discuss the final details of the attack.


"Shallowly valued amoral low-life scum underlings..." he began, and he never got further than that, for in the next moment, the aforementioned ping-pong ball launched by Hrungian idiot Billy Dee-Dee broke through the several kilometers of steal and dirt that seperated the Pirate Federation's HeadQuarters from the surface of Saskatchewan and hit him square between the eyes. The massive head damage that this resulted in killed off the old pirate leader at once.


"GOD DAMN FUCK ASSASINATION!!!" Were the first words that sprung from Arcturus Bahalya! the Sakatchewanian Pirate Federation's Second in Command Guy. "Those God Damn fuckers over at Pyronos must obviously be thinking about ravolt and taking over the business for themselves. We must deal with them at once. All plans on an attack on Kazzia are hereby cancelled, we must get over to Pyronos at once and teach those colonist fingerpullers that we are their friggin captains!!!! Oh, and by the way, now I'm the President!"


The Saskatchewanian Pirate Federation immediately started to prepare what later would be known as "The Great Small Friggin God Damn Pirate War!".


On Banania, all was quiet.